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Student Counseling Services

Stress, anxiety, and a range of other emotions are normal reactions to the demanding programs and college life. Sometimes, these emotions become difficult to deal with alone and it is often helpful to talk to someone or to reach out and ask for help. Student counseling provides the opportunity for students to benefit from working on personal concerns with experienced professionals.

Henderson Student Counseling Services (HSCS) offers individual, couples and/or family counseling to Broward College students. Examples of what a student can focus on in counseling include but are not limited to: Academic & Career Development, Relationship Challenges, Adjustment to Student Life, Depression, Stress & Time Management, Problem Solving & Goal Setting, Test and Seminar Anxiety, Eating and Body Image, Anxiety, and Substance Abuse.

Student Counseling Intake Process

Student Counseling wants to ensure it is easy to access and that student needs are addressed in a timely fashion. Intake appointments are available M-F, although appointment times, locations, and availability vary by day. Please see the instructions below to get started.

Getting Started –

  1. Complete information required for registration by clicking here. At the bottom of the portal page you will be asked to submit your Government Issued ID (ie: driver’s license, ID, passport).
  2. Within 1 business day you will receive a phone call to be scheduled with a Triage/Screening appointment. Triage/Screening appointments can be made up to 24 hours in advance and the available times for appointments varies by day and location. ** The best time to call is at 8:30am**
  3. Intake appointments are available M-F, although appointment times, locations, and availability vary by day. **
  4. Henderson Student Counseling Services-
    • All therapeutic services are offered either on campus or via telehealth using a secure video platform;
    • All psychiatric medication management services are offered via telehealth using secure video platform; however, if necessary to come see the psychiatrist directly – one must come to the main office located at 3301 College Ave., Student Affairs Building – 3rd Floor, Davie, FL 33314.
  5. Show up on time for your intake appointment (if you show up more than 10 minutes late you will forfeit your appointment and have to reschedule).
  6. You will be required to complete a few administrative forms upon arrival and then you will meet with the counselor who will assess your needs and create an individual action plan based on the identified needs.
  7. Cancellations – If you are unable to attend your Intake appointment, please call us as soon as possible at (954) 424-6916 so that we may provide the time to another student as well as to avoid a no-show.

**Please register through the portal to make yourself eligible to schedule your Intake Appointment.

Office Hours

Monday – Thursday: 8:30am – 6:00 pm
Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm
***Appointments available Monday – Thursday until 8pm***
***Weekend appointments available by request***

***Office Hours will be altered during holidays and school vacations, please consult the office staff

The Counseling Process Overview

  1. Intake Assessment appointments will take place in person, face to face (when on-campus learning resumes) and returning sessions may be scheduled via the use of telehealth using a secure video platform at the counselor’s discretion. Assessment appointment- you will meet with your assigned counselor for a 60-minute session in order to complete an in-depth assessment and help you determine the goal(s) you wish to focus on during counseling;
  2. Following the Intake appointment, the counselor will get you set up with one of the following appointments:
    • Counseling session – you will return to meet with the counselor for the number of allotted sessions you are permitted per year.
    • Psychiatric Evaluation – you will meet with the psychiatrist to establish medication management services.
  3. Counseling Services – student is able to utilize his/her allotted 6 sessions for free within the following year.
  4. Psychiatric Services – student is able to engage in medication management services up to 4 visits (per year) as part of your student services fee.


How does counseling work?
A student counseling professional will help you to clarify problems, set goals and take steps to achieve the goals. The assessment gives your counselor a picture of not only the way you think and feel but also helps them to understand your past history and background that has contributed to how you perceive your surroundings and environment. It is important to know that counseling is a very individual process and the length of services (regardless of number of allotted sessions) will vary based on a person’s needs.

How many sessions do I get?
All full and part time students receive 6 free sessions per year. The service years begins on the day of your first Intake Session and this date becomes your anniversary date. On every anniversary date, you will once again be given 6 free sessions to be utilize within the following year. The remaining sessions from the previous service year do not roll over into the new service year.

Will my information be kept private?
Information you provide to a student counseling professional will be kept private and confidential unless you give written permission to release information in ways that benefit you. There are some exceptions that allow information to be released without permission but these exceptions will be described to you before you begin services.

How do I request a letter?
All letter options are based on the individual’s needs, so you will need to speak to your counselor to discuss letter content. Please keep in mind that following your completion of the Authorization to Release Information, it will take 7-10 business days for your letter to be completed and available for pick up.

What information do I need when seeing the psychiatrist?

  • Psychiatric services are provided on an as needed basis, with the referral generating from the counselor. If a student is seeking medication management services, the student is allotted up to 4 sessions.
  • If you have had previous therapeutic care, psychiatric care, or psychological testing, please bring them in for review. If you are unable to do so, the office staff will work with you to obtain the records for the psychiatrist to review prior to your first appointment as this will allow our doctor to provide continuity of care.