Leadership Team

Steven Ronik, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer

Steven Ronik, Ed.D.

Chief Executive Officer

A. Vivian Demille, Esq, Chief Operating Officer

A. Vivian Demille, Esq

Chief Operating Officer

Erica Ricketts, MBA, Chief Financial Officer

Erica Ricketts, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Tony Cox, MS, Chief Information Officer

Tony Cox, MS

Chief Information Officer

John Aquino, MPA, Director of Administration

John Aquino, MPA

Director of Administration

Suzanne E. Higgins, Director of Development

Suzanne E. Higgins

Director of Development

Robert Hardison, Jr., Director of Human Resources

Robert Hardison, Jr.

Director of Human Resources

Lee Greenstein, MSW, Director of Quality Management

Lee Greenstein, MSW

Director of Quality Management

Maria Gorelick, MD, Medical Director

Maria Gorelick, MD

Medical Director

Renee Burkel, Executive Assistant to CEO

Renee Burkel

Executive Assistant to CEO

Directors of Service

Debbie Perry, MBA

Debbie Perry, MBA

Director of Housing Services

Mayra Reimer, MS

Mayra Reimer, MS

Director of Community Support
Headway Office Park

Shari Thomas, LCSW

Shari Thomas, LCSW

Director of Youth & Family Services

Diane Sasser, LMHC

Diane Sasser, LMHC

Director of Acute Care & Adult Behavioral Health
Central Broward

Leilani Fandino, LMHC, MHSA, MCAP

Leilani “Lani” Fandino, LMHC, MHSA, MCAP

Director of Adult Behavioral Health Services
North Broward/New Vistas

Denneshia Spratt, MHSA, CBHCMS

Denneshia Spratt, MHSA, CBHCMS

Director of Adult Behavioral Health Services & Case Management
West Broward

Suzelle Guinart, LMHC

Suzelle Guinart, LMHC

Director of Student Counseling Services

Brittany Biba, LCSW

Brittany Biba, LCSW

Director of Project Management