Outpatient Navigator

The Navigator is responsible for responding to the needs of those who seek services and will provide preliminary services to individuals who are experiencing problems with behavioral health issues- included but not limited to those who: have been recently released from jail, or a psychiatric unit and will facilitate follow-up appointment scheduling. They aid in “navigating” through the complex health-care system in order to access care and treatment thereby freeing up time for the clinical staff. They can assist the public over the phone, and in person, with requests for mental health services by providing information, referrals, screening, crisis triage, coordination of intake paperwork, screening, etc. The primary role is to provide immediate screening and response to those who walk in to the outpatient site, help individuals and other stakeholders navigate the behavioral health system, create effective links between appropriate health and social resources.
EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, human services, or related field.

Section: Adult Outpatient Services

Location: Central Broward

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