Florida Assertive Community Team (FACT) Peer Support Specialist

This member of the multidisciplinary team has responsibility to carry out rehabilitation and support functions and assist in treatment; provides substance abuse services, education, support and consultation to families; and provides crisis intervention under the clinical supervision of staff with professional degrees. The paraprofessional mental health worker may have a bachelor’s degree in a field other than behavioral sciences or have a high school degree, and has work experience with adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses or with individuals with similar human-services needs. May have related training (e.g., certified occupational therapy assistant, home health care aide) or work experience (e.g., teaching) and life experience. Must have a strong commitment to the right and ability of each person with a severe and persistent mental illness to live in normal community residences; work in market jobs; and have access to helpful, adequate, competent, and continuous support and services. Skills and competence to establish supportive trusting relationships with persons with severe and persistent mental illnesses and respect for person served rights and personal preferences in treatment are essential. Must have a valid driver’s license for the state in which the program operates.

Section: Community Support Services

Location: Broward County

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