Centralized Receiving System (CRS) Client Support Specialist

This position requires the candidate possess a minimum of a High School degree or equivalent, some college preferred. A minimum of two (2) years working in an office setting with primary focus in medical office procedures is preferred. Experience in data entry within the field of human service desired. Work experience with adults with human-services needs desired. Familiarity with procedures and policies relating to all aspects of the Medical Records system desired. Candidate is responsible for non-clinical tasks of the Centralized Receiving Center, providing receptionist activities including triaging calls, coordinating communication between the Centralized Receiving Center staff and clients, assisting clients, their families, and agencies to get answers to questions. Collects, organizes, and manages health information data, enters it for reference and categorizes information for insurance reimbursement and research purposes, to maintain patients’ medical and treatment histories; and ensure the security of electronic health records. They ensure its quality, accuracy, and security in both paper and electronic systems. This is a direct service position that could require availability to work irregular hours, including evenings and weekends.

Section: Centralized Receiving System

Location: Broward County

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