Safety Management Action Response Team (SMART) Family Advocate

The Family Advocate provides safety management services to ensure appropriate interventions and services are provided to address caregiver protective capacities while ensuring the child’s safety, permanency and well-being in relation to the identified needs of the family. The position requires the candidate possess a minimum of a high school diploma or a GED. Candidate should also be the primary caretaker of a child with complex emotional or behavioral needs, or have own personal lived experience with child welfare and/or recovery including those of a being a caregiver or family member of someone with behavioral health needs and/or recovery. Candidate should also be a team player, have good time management skills, and good communication skills. Candidate is also required to possess a valid Florida driver’s license along with proof of appropriate automobile insurance coverage in the amount of at least 50,000/100,000/50,000 for liability limits.

Section: Youth & Family Services

Location: Broward County

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