Mobile Response Team Care Navigator

The primary role is to help individuals navigate the acute behavioral health system, create effective links between appropriate health and social resources. This role will navigate the health and community care system thereby freeing up time for the clinical staff to care for individuals. This essential role will aid the team to efficiently and effectively manage the clinical priorities of the individuals. Operates telephone/switchboard service and provides information and assistance regarding telephone numbers; completes certain types of calls and inquires as to the nature of calls in order to refer to appropriate person or service. Provides information obtained from a variety of sources to field questions from the public regarding departments, phone numbers, operational hours, etc. Dispenses general information, assists callers in identifying needs and then routing calls appropriately. Act as liaison between individuals and service providers to assist individuals in obtaining necessary services and ensure agencies and individuals follow through with contacting each other. Enter new customer information into system; update existing customer information. This is a direct service position that could require availability to work irregular hours, including evenings, and weekends.

Section: Mobile Crisis Response Team

Location: Broward County

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