Lead Care Navigator

Functions as a member of the Mobile Crisis Response Teams, will be the lead for the other care navigators on the team; and refers to the assistance offered to individuals in “navigating” through the complex health-care system to overcome barriers in accessing care and treatment. As the Lead, you will assist not only individuals who are entering the system, but law enforcement, school personnel, other stakeholders in identifying specific programs/organizations that will provide resources to the individual and mentor the other care navigators. They frequently interact with other multiple multi-layered systems and protocols such as social service agencies/organizations, hospitals, law enforcement, courts and shelters, as part of accessing and serving clients. They work collaboratively with other professionals throughout the community. They can assist the public over the phone, and in person, with requests for mental health services by providing information, referrals, screening, crisis triage, coordination of intake paperwork, screening, etc. This role will navigate the health and community care system thereby freeing up time for the clinical staff. This essential role will aid the team to efficiently and effectively manage the clinical priorities of the individuals. This is a direct service position that could require availability to work irregular hours, including evenings, and weekends. EDUCATION: Bachelor’s Degree in psychology, human services, or related field.

Section: Adult Outpatient Services

Location: North Broward

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