Individual Resiliency Training Clinician

Function as a core member of a collaborative Early Treatment Program whose interventions and treatment are focused on helping individuals navigate the road to recovery from an episode of psychosis, including supporting efforts to function well at home, on the job, at school, and in the social world. This position serves as a resiliency trainer who help clients understand their disorder and how to manage it, and develop resiliency skills for achieving their personal goals. There is both, individual and shared responsibilities for instilling hope in people recovering from a first episode of psychosis, helping them establish and work towards personally meaningful goals, and providing the best treatment available for their illness in order for them to get back their lives. Their primary aims are to promote recovery by identifying client strengths and resiliency factors, enhancing illness management, teaching skills to facilitate functional recovery (and to achieve and maintain personal wellness). This psychosocial treatment for individuals recovering from an initial episode of psychosis is part of the larger, team-based NAVIGATE program. IRT addresses multiple domains of impairment, any of which can contribute to future relapse and/or poor long-term outcome. In addition, IRT focuses on client strengths and resiliency factors, including both how to capitalize on them and make them stronger in order to help clients meet their personal goals and overcome their problems. Services are provided in accordance with accepted standards of professional practice and policies and procedures of HBH while assuring that the program operates within the guidelines established by the Navigate Model, the Department of Children and Families/BBHC in a manner that is consistent with HBH mission, vision and values.

Section: Early Treatment Program

Location: Broward County

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