Florida Assertive Community Team (FACT) Office Manager

The support member to the F.A.C.T multidisciplinary team is responsible for organizing, coordinating and monitoring all non-clinical operations of F.A.C.T under the direction of the team leader; providing receptionist activities including triaging calls, coordinating communication between the team and clients, deescalating situations with clients who have increased symptomatology, and assisting clients, their families and agencies to get answers to questions; maintaining accounting and budget records for client and program expenditures; and operating and coordinating the management information system. The program assistant may have education and experience in the field of human service, or office management or both. The person must have people and problem-solving skills to assist and support clients with severe and persistent mental illnesses and their families. Must have a valid Florida driver’s license.

Section: Community Support Services

Location: Palm Beach County

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