Financial Services Specialist (FSS)

This support member performs the following operations and serves as the primary resource person for: coordinating non-clinical operations such as assisting clients/their families complete the financial assistance eligibility screening. This staff member is responsible for obtaining financial reimbursement for all individuals accessing service(s) at the center/organization. Reviews all account information to optimize collection efforts and system recording events to expedite reimbursement and compliance; resolves issues as they arise to promote point of service decisions. Performs financial counseling when appropriate. Explains and obtains signatures on legal forms and registration materials. As a Specialist they collect organize and manage health information data, enter it for reference and categorizing information for insurance reimbursement and research purposes, to maintain patients’ medical and treatment histories; and ensure the security of electronic health records. They ensure its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security in both paper and electronic systems. They use computer applications to assemble and analyze health information. They use computerized systems to become competent in information/data management and registration individuals. Services are provided in accordance with accepted standards of professional practice and policies and procedures. This is a 90% direct service position that could require availability to work irregular hours.

Section: Adult Outpatient Services

Location: Central Branch

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