CSU Office Manager

This is a highly responsible administrative support member is responsible for the coordination of non-clinical operations of and tasks of the center. This includes organizing, coordinating and monitoring intake, scheduling, data, billing, correspondence, purchasing and resources to ensure and facilitate the proper functioning and organizational effectiveness and efficiency of the Crisis Stabilization Unit. Supervises the financial services, front desk and medical record departments and ensures that it operates in compliance with Henderson’s policies and procedures and recognized standards. Furthermore, this staff runs and maintains various reports, orders supplies, maintains accounting and budget records for program expenditures and operating and coordinating the management information system. Two (2) years supervisory, for a new employee Three (3) years clerical experience, for HBH employee or being a program assistant, but supervisory experience preferred. Experience in data entry within the field of human service (e.g. Associate or bachelor’s degree in human services or experience as a clerk or in a medical clinic), or office management or both.

Section: Acute Care Services

Location: Broward County

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