Crisis Stabilization Unit Nurse Manager

Provides direct supervision and coordination of the inpatient acute care services. Functions as the liaison between Administration and staff. Assists in the planning and directing of Nursing and Behavioral Health Technicians (BHT) services and activities to ensure quality patient care. Provides new employee orientation and on-the-job training for all new nursing personnel (staff and contract) in accordance with established orientation program plans. Ensures ongoing program compliance with applicable CARF, AHCA, DCF, and Organizational Standards. including review of client charts for accuracy on a routine basis. Facilitates ongoing maintenance of documentation to demonstrate compliance (e.g., via program procedures, staffing plans, training plans, meeting minutes, clinical records, etc.). Makes rounds on all inpatient units at least two times daily. Participates in shift report meetings when possible. Serves as back-up replacement for the Nursing Department as needed or assigned. Provides and documents direct nursing care as needed in accordance with unit procedures and approved treatment plans physician orders. May be required to complete an extended work shift or schedule to ensure completion of essential duties or adequate coverage of the unit program for safety security purposes.

Section: Acute Care Services

Location: Broward County

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