Centralized Receiving System (CRS) Office Manager

This staff member is responsible for performing all non-clinical operations and tasks. This includes: organizing, coordinating and monitoring intake, scheduling, data, billing, correspondence, purchasing and resources to ensure and facilitate the proper functioning and organizational effectiveness and efficiency of the Centralized Receiving Center. Supervises the front desk and medical record departments and ensures that it is in compliance with Henderson’s policies and procedures and recognized standards. This staff develops and maintains professional relationships and has frequent contact with participants, internal and external stakeholders/staff, families of consumers, other professionals or community members who have an impact on those who we serve and with all other levels of management and staff. This is a 75% direct service position that requires the availability to be accessible to staff outside of regular business hours and could require availability to work irregular hours, including holidays, evenings and weekends.

Section: Centralized Receiving System

Location: Broward County

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